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The very of core of who I am, the foundation on which I stand. Finding out whose I am and who I am in Christ changed my life. It hasn't been a walk in the park but for me it's been worth it, the truth of the gospel is life changing and I believe it's part my duty to share it. So I've been simply in pursuit to live and love according to God's will for my life. Care to join the journey or just see what it's about? That button will guide you! 


Thoughts, Tips, Tools and Resources 

No one has it figured out, we are learning as we go picking up lessons and more on the way. I believe in sharing those lessons, thoughts, tips, tools and resources.  Everyday we are given a chance to live life inspired, learn and grow. The fun part is we all learn and grow differently so I am sharing the things that have helped me in hopes something may help you on your journey


Creative Services & Portfolio

I recognized how daunting the thought of STARTING anything was early on and decided to help others with their dreams when I realized this was mine! No one becomes a expert over night, they all begin by realizing a passion, seeing a vision or dream and STARTING the execution process which consist of 3 things (in my opinion) Defining, Developing and Delivering. I am here to help with that process of STARTING!