Thank you for your seed. 


it all started in 2010

I was tired so I prayed and I prayed hard. I needed to do more than I was doing, I needed to do something with what I had and what I had come to know so Get Give Grow was founded. I wasn't always sure what my purpose was but I kept getting clues I was on the right path when I did things to help those who couldn't at the time help themselves. It became clearer to me and quite simple. If I saw or sensed that someone needed help and I could help them then I did. If I knew I couldn't but knew someone who could I would connect them. It was all about connecting the dots, getting to give, and inspiring growth.  Ultimately all I am doing is advocating for people and connecting them to resources or  creating them but I realize this at a small level can possibly be done alone but we are greater together. We have the power within each of us to create great change and it starts with helping those in front of us, around us, and in our personal and professional scope. Then reaching out to others and helping them. Some of us are seed sowers, some of us water, some of us cultivate and harvest what has grown. We all play a part  in the process. This is GET GIVE GROW.

So if you've made it here we hope that you know your seed is being sown into good ground your donating is going towards funding of classes, workshops, programs and so much more for low income families, small businesses, and individuals with developmental disabilities. 




For more information regarding GET GIVE GROW Inc. Please feel free to email us here, please allow 24 hours for a response. 

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